What was the projects' Brief?

Develop a product identity, product design, internal systems, user guides, web design,and marketing materials.

E-Flux is a environmental monitoring company. Their cutting edge products help assessing contaminated sites by measuring bio-degradation rates, mapping oil spills and monitoring ground temperature.

What did we do?

  • Product identity
  • Product design
  • Web design
  • Opperation systems and guides
  • Marketing materials and campaigns


Technology made simple!

Based on E-Flux’s original ideology, we have focused our efforts to make products very easy to manufacture and to set-up from internal processes to the end-user.

We have implemented a complete Operations and CRM system to track from day to day tasks to acquiring quality leads for the business.

Along with new product designs, we have developed guides for internal use and for customers that have improved the user experience.


Product Identity

For the product identity, we created a simple font aesthetic following the original logo.

We focused on creating images for each of their products to easily explain what each achieves.


The product

We re-designed their main product and are currently working on R&D projects to create tools that are easy to use.

Along with the product design, we have designed guides for their product's multiple uses. These guides use photographs and graphics.

Also, we have created internal use guides to facilitate the manufacturing process.



The full development of their website required the creation of many graphs and assets to explain their tools.

We would love to tell you more about it but, it will be better if you see it for yourself: