The Brief

Develop identity, product graphics, packaging design, product design consulting, photography, web design, marketing materials and promotions.

Green Jay is a company developing everyday carry gear and packaging for the cannabis industry.


See things from
a different angle

There are new perspectives on world issues every day. The concept of seeing things from a different angle is the base for Green Jays’ identity.

In the logo, the green-jay bird is looking to the horizon. For the graphic identity, we designed a pattern that resembles the view of farming fields from above.

The brand is designed to target the new cannabis consumer after legalization.


Products and packaging

From the first drawing to the first day in the market, we have been part of multiple products with Green Jay.

Our work has been dedicated to industrial design consulting, graphics application to products, packaging design, and manufacturing process checkup.

From photography to presentations and ads, we have designed communication materials for their products.


Website and promos

The design and maintenance of Green Jay’s website have required the creation of many pieces of content and promotions and strategies.

We would love to tell you more about it but, it is better if you see it for yourself:

With illustrations, photography and 3D models, we have designed ads, marketing materials, and presentations to improve product sales.

GreenJayiPhone 7.png