The Brief

Develop a concept, name and an identity for the symposium.

IDRtalks is a series of symposiums and conferences where the principal goal is to educate, raise awareness about Colorado State University’s abilities for research, outsourcing, and teaching.


Good ideas come up every day. When those ideas meet the right talent, innovation opens its doors. The university is the best environment for ideas and talent. We developed the name IDRTalks using the core values: Innovation, Development, and Research

Share ideas to help the planet


The base for the talks are science topics. This gave us a baseline to create the brand.

We created an icon that shows the idea of cells and ideas joining.

Using the university colors makes it easy for everybody to relate the talks to the institution.



We developed multiple posters and, communication assets for the yearly conferences.

All the images in this page are part of the 2018 edition of the symposium.