The Brief

Create a packaging for premium tea.

The main attributes for the brand are: quality, Japanese culture, and sustainability of the ingredients. The target audience for the product is not only tea lovers but people who want to enhance their mood throughout the day. The brand will launch 3 different tea mixes including relaxing, active and fruity.


The beauty of the moment

The brand name Kibun is the Japanese word for “feeling” or “mood”. The brand identity and graphic style are allied to Japanese’s clean and rational shapes.

For the packaging design we created a series of patterns based on natural shapes and inspired by Japanese lanterns.


The packaging

The patterns are used as a window to a color base which works as stimulant and choosing guide for customers.

The color coding and naming of each tea is associated with the mood they attempt to enhance in the user.

Power Up- Orange is used for the active mix, stimulating a feeling of passion and action.

Herbal Rehab - Turquoise is used for the relaxing mix, giving the consumer a feeling of calmness.

Happy Spirit – Purple is used for the fruity mix providing a feeling of uniqueness.