The Brief

Create the identity and create a concept product to help to find new investors and opportunities.

Photon Pharma is a research company developing cancer vaccines/treatment by the use of photo-chemical techniques. The concept product developed is a cancer vaccine and treatment to be sold and implemented in hospitals and clinics. The brand is based on trust, investigation, and bringing health to cancer patients.


Light for health

Based on the technology of infusing cells through photochemical methods (light), we created the concept "light for health". Photon Pharma is creating treatments that aren’t aggressive and will help patients find a path to health.

We took the company's core values and created a glyph. The final image represents helping hands with rays of light.



The product

For the product brand, “B-Light”, we use a subtle font and graphic patterns to help the communication of the values of the brand.

To create a mystery effect, we use a frosted glass finish that only shows a silhouette of the contents. To differentiate the three uses for the treatment: preventive, relief and extra strength, we chose different colors and graphic patterns.

Each dose, contains a motivational card to be given to patients to reflect the human side of the company. These cards will have motivational quotes, and jokes that can be used as bookmarks.