The Brief

Product design consulting and create a full brand. The tasks for this project have included creating identity, designing assets, website, marketing strategies, apparel, photography, videos and management of social media accounts.

Seasons Boards is a skateboard-snowboard hybrid, by taking the wheels off, the boards can be used as a snowboard. All the products are carefully crafted in Colorado.


Ride every season

We developed a name and logo based on the skateboard and snowboard industry. The boards work during any season, the diamond shape in the logo represents those seasons. The tree represents the connection to nature.

seasons logo.png

The product

We have assisted the product development process from the initial prototypes and 3D models to market, providing our knowledge in industrial design and production.

We have also created all the product graphics, communication, and marketing materials to launch the products to market.



As a hybrid product, communication has been the key to sell the product. We have developed videos and images to explain the product and drive that communication through social media profiles and influencers in their industry.