Tome & Prince

The Brief

Develop a packaging design line.

Tomé & Prince is a São Tomean premium chocolate manufacturer that focuses on the luxury chocolate market for gourmet professionals along with individuals. Refinement, authenticity, and excellence are the core values of Tomé & Prince.

Their chocolate is a product of the best locally sourced cocoa beans from São Tomé and Príncipe. The beans are processed by hand using traditional methods. This process maintains the quality of the cocoa, keeping the best flavors.

Origin is luxury

Quality starts from the origin. We use the premium origin of the cocoa grains from the brand Tome and Prince as the main asset for the packaging. We designed a packaging that not only reflects the quality but the culture behind the product.


The packaging

The design of the packaging uses tropical palm leave shapes from the São Tome and Principe islands. Each leaf type is used to differentiate the percentages of cocoa in each chocolate bar. Color is also used as a contrast between product type.

Other assets like diamond shapes, and UV and metallic printing techniques are used to show the premium side of the brand.


The chocolate bar

The chocolate bar was designed using a diamond pattern. The two small diamonds on the top right and bottom left of the bar represent the islands of São Tome and Principe. The reliefs simulate the mountains and geographic characteristics of the islands.